About Geosaaga

Geosaaga is a IT company founded in 2009 and located in Helsinki, Finland. Our business is based on IT consulting, but company has also own products and web services.

Our competence areas include

  • Geographic information services
  • Smart web services, that combine information from different sources
  • SMS and mobile web services
  • iPhone-, iPad- and Android-applications

If you want to know more about our company or your project needs developers, please contact to Pekka Keränen by e-mail pekka.keranen@geosaaga.fi or call +358445217700.

Ajoissa mobile application

Ajoissa-application is a smart mobile application for the users of finnish public transportation. The first version of application was published in Autumn 2011 and is targeted for travellers in finnish trains. Application can be downloaded for iPhone and Android devices from Apple App Store and Google Play and it is free.


Terrace weather

Terassisaa.fi service displayed terrace restaurants and bars on the map with information is the terrace in the sun or in the dark. The service was available for Helsinki, Tampere, Lahti and Vantaa. The service was opened in summer 2008 and it immediately gained media interest. The service was ended 7.4.2013.

Sulka geographic information CMS

Sulka geographic information CMS was our first product and is not available anymore. However the product brochure is available in finnish and we can implement corresponding software solutions if requested.